Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Permaculture Student Kickstarter

We are working on releasing the first permaculture curriculum for home and public schools K-12: 

You can support it here:

Permaculture is the Future
Permaculture is a design science that uses the patterns and systems of nature to provide sustainably and regeneratively for both humans and the environment. It is also the best way to repair degraded, polluted and damaged environments. Permaculture solves all the insurmountable problems of our modern world. Loss of topsoil, deforestation, & pollution can all be addressed and reversed, & regeneration can be achieved. Not only can it be done, it already is being done by governments and individuals globally to be more resilient and to reverse damage to local climates (the Loess Plateau Restoration is perhaps the largest example of this).
The Permaculture Student Series
When I finished my permaculture design course with Geoff Lawton, the first thing I looked for was curriculum designed for my two young sons who are homeschooled. I couldn't find anything for young students, only for teachers with school gardens. I wanted the PDC experience to be a normal part of my children's education. I realized that no one else was doing it, and I was qualified (MA in education, certification in Permaculture and training as a writer), and I wasn't the only one looking for it, so I felt compelled. I'm sourcing the experts as much as I can to review the work before the final print so I can make it perfect. I've already shared samples with numerous leaders in the permaculture world with only positive feedback - Geoff Lawton, Paul Wheaton, Diego Footer, Elaine Ingham & Diana Leafe Christian. My hope is that this becomes the standard for all public and home school programs, linking high school graduates into the college programs at their highest potential. Imagine the designs this generation will come up with. Imagine the exponential change for good they will innovate.

The Permaculture Student 1
The first installment in the Permaculture student series is the middle school volume. It is also for beginners of any age or for anyone wanting a simple, direct and academic reference for permaculture design science. It is a reference manual rather than a traditional textbook of units and assignments. Much of this textbook and workbook is inspired by the work of Geoff Lawton, Geoff’s online permaculture design course and the work of his predecessor, Bill Mollison, one of the co-founders of Permaculture. It is designed such that anyone can setup their site safely and begin their education in permaculture on a solid foundation based in science.

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