Saturday, July 26, 2014

Schools Need Clear Ethics

           There are many aspects of public education in practice that need adjustment. I think mostly we are dealing with symptomatic results of key weaknesses. Schools focus on discipline because they cannot design a school properly. Good design takes the future into account. We should streamline discipline & focus on school culture, positive action oriented thinking rather than punitive negative thinking which is standard in almost all schools. 

Focus on doing the right thing. Focusing on not doing the wrong thing is a waste of energy and time. 

The 3 Ethics

           I was fortunate enough to take a Permaculture Design Course with Geoff Lawton this year and learned about Permaculture, an ethical design science which can be applied to almost anything though it started out as permanent and ethical agriculture. The ethics component has really stuck with me as an educator.

   It's the missing ingredient!

Earth Care (or School Care)

Caring for the earth and all its living things (and specifically the school grounds and the classrooms)

People Care

Caring for yourself and each other (including all students, staff and the greater community)

Return of Surplus (or Giving Back as Daniel Ching coined)

Giving back through trade, commerce, charity, bartering, volunteering, etc. 

If we organize assignments with these ethics as the basis of the final student product, we could make a profound change in the tone of the classroom:

  • How does this help the school or the earth itself?
  • How does this help people? 
  • How does this make a profit? 
Let's bring ethics back into the fold & make our world a better place.


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