Monday, May 5, 2014

Training "Global Workers" Is Fallacious; Lead Don't Follow

No trend ever was caught by imitation
Only when it is an innovation

        The world we live in is far too diverse and broad for us to chase global trends, reverse engineering others' successes in hopes of training a successful model of student. The more you train them in whatever fashion you've developed only devalues as the market fills with your type of product. We will only undermine our success with the success itself. That is why we shouldn't be expected to have uniform output of performance at all.

        It is only in diversity, free agency education, & opportunities varied and open to all that we find new markets, new trends, innovation & market strength in diversity and localization. A bridge of simplistic large sections is weaker than one of small, well interacting and healthy structures (i.e. a rope bridge or a poured concrete bridge is not as strong as a geometrically designed bridge like NYC's). Monopolies of government or corporation always fail because they become weak overtime. In nature it is only in diversity that life thrives; monocropping creates desert wherever it is practiced. Bigger is not better. Everyone has niche. We are all here for a purpose. The fact that we want all students to have an education & fair treatment says that clearly enough.

        We cannot hope to imagine a future that hasn't been created. Teachers should inspire, not dictate.  We cannot truly fathom much beyond a local sense; we aren't designed for it, so why should we even fool ourselves into trying. The reality is we create localization regardless of where we are or who we communicate with online or in real life anyway: we build a rather small circle of connection & interaction. Even if it is hundreds of people (150 is the approx limit of true friends), you've created a community which is a localized phenomenon not a disparate, nationalistic one. The power of the internet is not that it globalizes in a unification or discernible way; it is the connective & even unpredictable nature of the internet that makes it so powerful. The more we amass information & combine it in new ways (innovate), the more new trends, new markets, & new diversity is born.

If we create the opportunity for greatness & show how others in diverse situations and ways have also solved problems of their own, we give students new tools for performance & reflection.
Tangent - It's important to know that those are all we have:

Performance & Reflection are the two most important components of student learning. 
If they can teach it, they know it. 
If they can reflect on mistakes, they will grow. 

We need to move away from standardization & testing.
If we chase trends, we are following, not leading.
If we train leaders, it won't be with a textbook.
Are we teaching what's most important?

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